Join me on Wednesday, 21st June at 8.30pm for a FREE masterclass

I am so excited to be running this a 40 minute masterclass for anyone who is feeling lost or who would like to spend some time reconnecting to themselves. 

You will walk away from this masterclass feeling calmer, more connected with yourself and those around you and you will feel happier as we're going to help you reconnect to what it is that makes you really happy.

We'll finish at about 9.10 so you should be able to just roll into bed and sleep really well as we're going to clear all of the clutter from your busy mind!  You will be guided through a beautiful meditation to help you connect back into yourself and your body and you will then be invited to journal. You don't need anything fancy and you won't be asked to do anything difficult, you will just be asked to write out anything that comes to you. Anything that you think or feel. 

And we will end with a prompt that will help you go a little deeper into what it is that really lights you up so you walk away with something really solid and practical to take with you. 

And because you are signing up through the mailing list you will be sent a beautiful, mindful meditation to get you in the calm and centred mood for our masterclass. Check your inbox now for an email from and after the masterclass you will also be sent a very special pdf document so you can go deeper with the work we will do on the 21st.

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